The organization called IT DART (Information Technology Disaster Assistance and Response Team) focuses on IT based assistance like gathering, sharing and utilizing information collaboratively with other organizations. The original idea started after the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami happened in 2011, and many members of IT DART have been working to make it a general incorporated association.

The organization is officially registered as the legal entity on Aug 8, 2015. The aims of the organization is that organizing an expert team of IT volunteers for information assistance in a disaster acute phase, is not doing any commercial activity.

For rescue and recovery works during disasters, it is required to start the way to collect, use and share the information promptly. The organization will be prepared by simulating the possible actions such as an information gathering exercise and developing the capacity building program. IT volunteers register as the organization members beforehand so that they will be either in the suffered areas or remote sites to collect information or build up the information sharing infrastructures to let other NPOs or volunteer organizations to think about rescue plans.